Section "Lifecycle Extension"

   By Decision of Council of railway transport of CIS, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia LLC “Baltic Testing Centre” issued a Certificate on a right for realization of works on an expert inspection and technical diagnostic of freight cars for purpose to determine residual life time and the issuance of a decision on the possibility of extending its life.

   Competence of Inspection LLC “BTC” for lifecycle extension accordance to Rules of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No.374 “Railway interconnections usability rules” of 09.06.2020 is testified by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau.

   Rights to carry out locomotive technical inspection works for lifecycle extension “Baltic Testing Centre” Baltic certification organ railway technical facilities given by Council of Rail Transport of Commonwealth.

   Lifecycle extension realize for:

  • freight and refrigerator cars;
  • passenger cars, EMU and DMU train cars, locomotives and other rolling stock with expired lifecycle.

   For rolling stock lifecycle extension the applicant must submit request to LLC “BTC”. The request must be accompanied by technical documentation for the rolling stock.
   After receiving the request for lifecycle extension we realize works:

  • analyze rolling stock technical documentation and operating conditions;
  • inspection of rolling stock technical condition (visual and instrumental);
  • calculations and / or tests (if necessary);
  • appointment of the appropriate type of repair and additional work;
  • preparation of document about the extension of lifecycle.

   Depending on a technical condition of rolling stock and kind of carried out repair lifecycle can be extend from 2 till 15 years.

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