Section "Testing Centre"

   TC LLC “BTC” is accredited by the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK) as a competent and independent testing laboratory according LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard in scope:

  • testing of diesel and electric locomotives, electric and diesel multiple unit trains, special rolling stock, passenger, freight and tram cars;
  • testing of wheelsets and those axles, bogie frames, bodyshells and main frames of the bodyshells;
  • measurements of noise and vibration, lighting, loading gauge of rolling stock, parameters of bodyside entrance systems, rating of speech intelligibility of sound system equipment.

   Material and technical resources of TC LLC “BTC” include:

  • two hydro oscillatory benches for large-sized (4 × 6 m) constructions testing with loads to 200 t;
  • specialized hydro oscillatory bench for wheelpairs axles testing;
  • bench for body (up to 25 m) testing by static horizontal and vertical loads;
  • device for rolling stock weighing;
  • vibration machine for determination of first self-frequency of body bending oscillations;
  • benches for springs fatigue testing;
  • measuring equipment for mechanical vibrations and noise registration;
  • measurement system and other equipment for testing results registration and processing.

   For testing the applicant must submit to TC LLC “BTC” request for testing of railway products. The request must be accompanied by technical documentation for the rolling stock.

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